Launched: Trivial Beersuit (for All Your Trivia Night Needs)

Trivial Beersuit Screen GrabFor the past few months I have been working on a subscription-based site that provides monthly custom curated trivia questions to bars and other establishments.

It all began last summer at a friend’s wedding where I met the woman behind the trivia, the trivia girl herself, Katie Christofferson. Since 2010, Katie has been writing trivia questions for a number of bars across Montana, Idaho and Oregon. Initially, her whole business was run by snail mail. Once the trivia questions were written she would mail them on CDs to her clients. As you can imagine, this was a cumbersome process to say the least. If there were any issues or updates, she would have to do the entire snail mail process over again.

Katie’s vision was to develop a user-friendly system where her clients would log in and download a new trivia package each month. Once signed up they would get the first month free, then to maintain monthly access they would need to subscribe to the service.

And that is exactly what we built.

With this system, making updates is a breeze and as easy as uploading a file. If any bar has a problem, Katie can update the affected accounts with new trivia.

So without further adieu Katie and I are pleased to announced we’ve launched her new custom curated trivia service: Trivial Beersuit.

So go forth, click around, check it out. If you’re a bar looking for this service I highly recommend giving Katie a what up!

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One comment on “Launched: Trivial Beersuit (for All Your Trivia Night Needs)
  1. Joe Bracco says:

    The Vu would be proud of you!

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