I Want A Way to Estimate Without Estimating

It’s not a difficult concept to understand. I do work. But first I must provide an estimate, a number for that work. A f***ing number. To represent the length of time it will take me to do the aforementioned work. It’s too small of a box. I don’t know the future. And I don’t want to know. It’s much funner that way. The unknown.

So if one wanted to not work like that, in an unconfined by numbers approach, one would have to think a little differently. You put the importance on creating something amazing. Rather than creating something in the allotted time. A number created out of thin air. Well, not only thin air, maybe a few experiences might back that up, but still it’s a box.

So the potentiality of this happening is contingent on one thing happening. Change your thinking. It’s not that I’ll create you something in the allotted time, it’s that I’ll create you something amazing.

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