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WordPress: Combining Post Categories and Tags Into Same Unordered List

On one of my blogs I needed a way to combine both categories and tags into one unordered list—<ul>. Each item would of course be wrapped in its own list item—<li>. The design I came up with made this a

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Launched: Get Your Shit Together

Good Evening. I am pleased to announce the launch of a new site for one of my clients. Get Your Shit Together is a site dedicated to helping people get their finances, wills, living wills and other life details in

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W3C Link Checker and Robots.txt Exclusion

I was ready. I had just finished updating the last few links (and some content) on my clients website and I was ready to check for broken links. I opened the trusty link checker over at W3C Schools and got

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WordPress JetPack Site Stats: Fully Ignore Logged-In Users

Recently, I noticed that WordPress JetPack Site Stats were reporting unusually high numbers on one of my blogs. I know it was likely that the extra counts came from me making many updates to the site. But why now? And

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