Troubleshooting: Media Temple GRID SFTP Connection Issues

Sometimes I need to change a GRID Server Administrator password over at Media Temple. Once changed, I continually run into SFTP connection issues. It’s goddamn frustrating. And it was just working! I just want to code, not putts around with this crap. Even more annoying is I can connect just fine via FTP on port 21.

So in an attempted to save my sanity (and maybe yours), I’m going to list all the troubleshooting steps I’ve had to deal with every time this happens. Ug… so annoyed.

  • Is your IP address blocked from too many failed login attempts? That’ll do it and drive you crazy. Here’s how to remove an IP ban.
  • Are you connecting with the Server Administrator account or a secondary FTP account that you’ve created? Secondary FTP accounts aren’t allowed to connect via SFTP. So don’t bother. You’ll go mental until you figure this one out. Here’s more info on using FTP and SFTP.
  • Have you tried a different FTP client? I use Coda for FTP (and development) and once I was able to connect via SFTP using FireFTP I narrowed the issue down to Coda. Which leads me to troubleshooting option 4.
  • Have you restarted your FTP client? This is what burned me today. Once I restarted Coda I was able to connect via SFTP. Something was cached or confused. Honestly. You’re killing me Smalls.

Well that was 2 hours well spent wasted.

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