WordPress JetPack Site Stats: Fully Ignore Logged-In Users

Recently, I noticed that WordPress JetPack Site Stats were reporting unusually high numbers on one of my blogs.

I know it was likely that the extra counts came from me making many updates to the site. But why now? And why since I had the correct settings set to ignore logged in users? Like so:

Jetpack -> Configure WordPress.com Stats -> Uncheck 'Count the page views of registered users who are logged in.'

Knowing that my refreshes were likely the issue I continued along this line of questioning and found out the issue.

When logging into WordPress admin the ‘Remember me’ checkbox must be checked. This ensures that your cookie is set, which ensures that the above setting actually does what it says.

A disclaimer below the setting would be helpful I do believe, yes. Something like:

Unchecking this box to ignore page views of logged in users will only work if you checked the 'Remember me' box upon logging in.

I’m sure there’s a better way to word that. Mayhap I’ll take another stab at it later.

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