ProtonMail Turning One, Doubles Storage to 1GB

ProtonMail: End-to-end Encrypted Email

Me yes me; I am a ProtonMail fan. They provide end-to-end encrypted email and are based in Switzerland. I know there are those that feel privacy is dead or quickly default to the “I have nothing to hide” excuse, but I am a firm believer in privacy as an inalienable right. Ya know, that whole search and seizure passage in the constitution protecting us from unlawful intrusion. Yeah, it’s important. And I don’t stand up nearly enough, which is a whole other story.

That’s why any person or company that dares to innovate and challenge head-on the mass surveillance ideologies that are covering the globe I am in full support of. This isn’t earth shattering, but it’s a continued step in the right direction. ProtonMail has turned one and they are doubling storage of early adopters to 1GB. Read more about it, right over here.

The announcement for which I’m really waiting is hosting my own domain at ProtonMail. This is due later this year, which I heard directly from the horse’s mouth.

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  1. and here is the updated whiteSands (v1.2.0) theme for Protonmail:

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