Well Don’t You Just Have Some Nice Manners (Music)

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Ok here’s the deal, kids. There’s this pretty rad recording studio based out of LA with the most badass of names: they’re called Nice Manners. Not only do they have a badass name they also do badass work. And not only that, they’re run by one of the most badass people (Joanna Katcher) I’ve had the pleasure to work with over phone and electronic mail. I’m not downplaying the working friendship we’ve formed, in fact, I’m saying just the opposite. It speaks mountains to me that we’ve never met in person and have formed such a solid rapport.

Most of the projects I land are via word of mouth. And this project was no different. The power of word of mouth cuts through all the bullshit; there is an innate sense of trust already in place. I’m not a very good sales man so this strategy of letting whatever comes my way works well for me. And everyday I get to work with amazing people, who have amazing visions and together we make amazing stuff. Blah blah blah… insert more emotional hype.

Meet Nice Manners Music

Joanna came to me with a solid vision of a genre-based music search engine and player. Her design was simple, clean and elegant. This project was perfect for me.

The site is built on WordPress using Underscores, which is a very barebones starter theme. To support the main features of song playback and autocomplete genre and song title search we carefully chose, jPlayer and select2, respectively. Joanna actually suggested select2, which gives you a lot more power over multi-select, autocomplete dropdown boxes. jPlayer is a ridiculously easy to use HTML5 audio and video player and is highly customizable. Feast your eyes on these screen grabs.

Results, Player, Playing

Genre selection, search results and playback.

Autocomplete in action.

Autocomplete in action.

And of course fully responsive.

And of course fully responsive.

The Demo

I’m pretty excited to share this project. Part of Joanna’s vision was to allow access to only her clients, so with her permission I’ve created a demo site to showcase our work, right over here. Sorry, demo has been removed.

As a hobby I do a fair amount of nature field recordings so for your listening pleasure I have uploaded some of my favorites to populate the demo. Enjoi.

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