Just Learned About FCPX Roles for Exporting Media

Working on a quick music video of mine, I needed to do some scrubbing on just the audio track. After detaching the audio I tried copy and paste, as that works in Logic Pro 8 and 9, but that didn’t work in Final Cut.

Fine, I said.

Then, after a quick Google search (‘final cut pro x export audio to logic’) I stumbled upon the concept of Roles. I’m so new to video editing I’m sure the nomenclature makes sense to you guru’s but I would have never thought of that. Yes, Bob, I have an idea. If someone want’s to export different sections of a FCPX project for processing elsewhere (video, audio, etc.) let’s not call it Export let’s call it Roles. Right… I digress.

Anyways, thanks to this quick post for the know-how. I see I used quick a lot. Must be the green tea I decided to drink this evening.

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