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Targeting IE10

Today I was browser testing one of my clients new sites. When I got to IE10 the normal conditional comments didn’t have any effect on it. Strange, I thought. After a quick search I found this StackOverflow question that provides

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WordPress: Combining Post Categories and Tags Into Same Unordered List

On one of my blogs I needed a way to combine both categories and tags into one unordered list—<ul>. Each item would of course be wrapped in its own list item—<li>. The design I came up with made this a

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Today I Had to Override Default Styling on an iOS HTML Input

On contract to help develop the new Visual Studio 2012 launch site, today I had to override the default styling on an iOS textbox. With both an iPhone and iPad in hand I discovered the following post on SO. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2918707/turn-off-iphone-safari-input-element-rounding

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